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the past has its own place.
it has already happened and therefore shouldn’t preoccupy us.​​​​​

only the future provides us the freedom to

discover our place while giving.

sometime in the beginning 1999 I accepted the idea of the workshop and

its name because it could contain everything I wanted to do and

what I wanted to think about.

finally with this web address the workshop experiences some officially opening


my work I devote to new generations.


the time in which we live, demands so much more than we give.

we often wait to ‘have’ before we can ‘give’,
but for true giving, one doesn’t need to wait.

the opportunity to give is always there,
and - we always have something to offer.

​about the workshop

since the creation of the earth  we’ve been the workforce in a workshop for a better place.

progress is the purpose of this workshop.
human knowledge is main resource.
the new generations are newly formed assets.

the scope of placement ‘till today was planet earth, and tomorrow, somewhere in the universe.

and I ...
I’m just one who, in this way,  
devotes my own time to this workshop - relishing in giving.


 ​ ​ ​ 

without an individual vision it is impossible to build a vision for society and therefore for our planet.


the planet has its own vision and if we cannot find own place in it ... she will continue

                                            BUT WITHOUT US.​

©2013  dragan martinovic

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